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Eating bugs isn't for everyone. 

Some people won't even eat bugs for money.

Do you think you would do it?

Some people have a price for anything. If you were part of a TV or YouTube stunt game show like Fear Factor or had the chance to get money for doing something from someone on YouTube like MrBeast, would you do it, given the chance?

This is the question of the day.

Are they alive? Have they been cooked? Is it safe? Why don't more people do it?

Some places eat bugs as a delicacy, but the western world often see bugs as those that infest their homes and something that spread germs and infections, which is distasteful and gross at best, and triggers fight or flight at worst.

Even sayings have been formed for being down in the dumps, although a very popular saying about eating worms, giant greasy juicy ones.

Who wants to watch people eat bugs?

Would you do it for money?