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How to Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 Quick and Easy

Herb Riede, Owner, Rabid Nerd Productions
January 16th, 2020

As of January 16, 2020, I have personally used this method to upgrade multiple Windows 7 Professional PCs and Laptops to Windows 10 Professional for free.

Have you heard all the stories about the END OF SECURITY UPDATES FOR WINDOWS 7 as of January 15th, 2020? Well that date has come and passed!

Many websites explain a common method to use a "loophole left open" by Microsoft to upgrade your Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free, the Media Creation Tool. This 18MB tool focuses on downloading the files needed to either update the computer you run it on or create a bootable USB.

This is just ONE of THREE methods available to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 - likely for free!



Office 20## Users Watch Out!!  (Do You Still Have Your Product Keys - Just In Case?)


After the Upgrade, there will be an "Office" live tile that points to the Office 365 version of Office. This will also encourage you to sign in with a Microsoft Account. If you are not careful, you may inadvertently "upgrade" your Office 20## to an Office 365 TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION. If you have a paid version of office, AVOID THAT OFFICE LIVE TILE (Right-Click and Un-Pin!). Just Open your Office Apps as normal from the Start Menu and open File -> Account to ensure your existing license survived the Windows 10 Upgrade!


Method One (Above):

The Media Creation Tool


Method Two:

Windows 10 ISO - This is a more technically involved process, best described by How-To Geek. They show how to download the ISO, then the next page shows how to create an installer USB.



The Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant (Note: This is not a webpage, but a Direct Link to Microsoft to download the EXE file!)

The file at: is only a 6MB download, and will upgrade Windows 7 (much the same way as the Media Creation Tool) OR upgrade Windows 10 to the latest version!


This information is provided FOR FREE!

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DISCLAIMER AND NOTES: The methods described in this blog are NOT guaranteed to work, and you perform the tasks above AT YOUR OWN RISK, INCLUDING THE RISK OF NEEDING TO PURCHASE A NEW WINDOWS 10 LICENSE.
Microsoft may discontinue the ability to acquire a "digital license" for Windows 10 based on an upgrade from Windows 7 at their leisure. While not legal advice, the phrase "loophole left open" is not intended to imply unauthorized use or exploitation, but rather the intentional use of software currently published and provided by Microsoft for purposes as intended. Windows 7 computers upgraded by the author using all three methods were automatically issued digital licenses for Windows 10 by Microsoft. "For free" is used to mean no monetary cost was incurred to upgrade to Windows 10.